Wednesday, July 14, 2010


“There’s no such thing as male/female friendships.”

“A female friend is just someone a man hasn’t fucked yet.”

These are just a couple of the statements I’m sure many, if not most of us have heard over the course of our lives. For me it raises the question: Can men and women truly be platonic friends? Some may say yes, many will say “hell fuckin’ no”. It’s commonly believed that in a male/female friendship that someone is always interested in being more than just friends; that often-time the interested party is secretly biding their time, hoping for an “opening”.

If this is always the case, then what does that say for all of my female friends? Should Keesha be worried about me trying to pipe her the next time I see her? Should I be worried about her trying to ride this cock? Are Andie and I liable to fuck any time we hang out? The editor of this very blog is a good female friend of mine. Should I only maintain internet contact with her for fear of two freak Scorpios being in the same place, and consequently getting’ it on? On second thought, maybe I should avoid her. I’m just kidding (but I’m not) (inserts LOL here for wifey’s benefit).

Seriously though, how am I supposed to properly function as the socialite that I am if the woman who is being my friend (or at least is pretending to be) has a “fucking” agenda? (Pun intended) How am I supposed to maintain the beautiful friendships I have with women if they’re worried about me trying to penetrate their “fleshy gates”. If everybody’s on-guard, are we truly friends? How many platonic, opposite-sex friendships do you really have? Take a personal inventory and hit this blog with your results.


  1. The majority of the time at least one person has an agenda outside of being just friends. Even if nobody says anything, EVER, one of the two either has, once had or will ultimately develop an "I wish we were more than friends" feeling, especially if you're close friends. To your question "If everybody's on guard, are we truly friends?", of course, you wouldn't be able to "pretend" to be friends if you didn't get along and enjoy each others personality. I would be more skeptical of the person who for some reason needs attention from the opposite sex in order to feel good about themselves and hence surrounds themselves with males/females to feed their own ego. They might not really be "friends." At the end of the day, male/female platonic relationships are inevitable on every level (social, work, etc). As a significant other, you just have to be on the lookout for hos and those who ho themselves.

  2. I've found that attractive people attract attractive people... so, it's very possible that someone in a friendship is willing give/get it. I guess it's all about timing... some situations warrant the possibility more than others...

  3. Wussup wussup!! Good ish... hmmm so many thoughts.... In short I think comfort levels in friendships tend to rise beyond expectations and then opportunities are presented and people either go for it or they don't. I dont think people plan on sleeping with their friends tho, it kinda "just happens," WOW, i hate that excuse, LOL!! Its just a level of escalated comfort that either ends up strengthening, ruining or changing a friendship forever.

    I don't think people need to be on guard with their true friends tho, its the new friendships that we need to watch out for .....Some people are QUICK to say your their friend just to get that "good foot" in the door, next thing you know your receiving SEXTS or provacative photos and your lookin at your phone like "HUH?....Was this meant for me?" Then you smile, lol, and THEN......

    Seriously tho, ofcourse platonic male/female friendships exist, maybe they are rare, maybe they are unusual....So my possible rare, unusual friend if you find yourself on guard in a so called friendship, just know and accept, the other person is not your friend.

  4. Good stuff here! As a male that has several female friends I would be lying if I said that the thought of "taking it there" never popped into my head. Although the thought has been there for me and I am sure for them as well, for the most part I have never acted on it because I have seen how that story ends first hand. I do believe that platonic male/female friendships, but they are indeed rare.