Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Back in college, my father used to drop gems about many aspects of life.  Of course, in typical “I’m young and think I know everything” fashion, I didn’t always listen.  One of those gems he tried to shine on me was regarding the female race and how selfish they can be.  Yes selfish!  It was one of those lessons that I didn’t truly learn until YEARS after the fact!  Yet once I did finally come to that realization, it hit me harder than Marquez hit Pacquiao in their 4th fight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMJJB9GlV84

One thing pops would always tell me is to make sure I get my studying done.  Of course this was for obvious reasons.  But he’d also warn me that while I’m trying to chase these girls, they’d be busy getting their work done.  However when their ready to deal with me, they could care less about what work I had to do.  I guess my nose was so open at times that I didn’t even realize that was actually the case!  Now of course one could easily say “You should’ve just had more discipline than that”.  Word?  Same thing they told Adam!  One bite later and here we are!  I’ve always felt his pain!  A nice naked woman tells me to eat an apple, or skip studying…*knocks books over and bites down*. 

As I grew beyond college, I didn’t realize that women were still the same kind of selfish, but in just a more adult way I guess.  There was no more studying and work to be done, so how could this be?  Well my friend (or enemy), I present to you the dating game! (and no I’m not speaking about me dating specifically)

Quite some time ago I began following a pretty awesome Facebook blog page known as “Invading Mars” https://www.facebook.com/pages/Invading-Mars/135533689852525?fref=ts (IVM is like those fly sneaks that you don’t want to tell anybody where you got them from, b/c I want to keep that ish to myself.  But you’ve been blessed! Go to their page and hit the “like” button).  Now the masterminds behind that page have managed to dig deep into the caverns of the male and female minds, and let me tell you…people are a trip!

But let me address the women.  You women seem to want everything handed to you, but don’t want to hand much back!  Quick example:  One topic I remember is “If a woman invites a man out on a date, who should be expected to pay?”  Now IMO, the inviter should be expected to pay (should the man decide to cover the bill, that’s totally on him) YEA I SAID IT!  It’s selfish to think otherwise. Check out their page if you really want some insight!

Or how about that 1st date you go on with someone, and they consume massive quantities of expensive booze!  I understand it’s a date, and it’s free for you, but DAMN, do you have to go hammer time?  How about that discount date you AGREE to, but she’s not looking at the discounted options?  How about when she wants you to meet her all far & away from where you are to convenience her, but she doesn’t want to do the same for you, or at least meet you in between sometimes?

I don’t want to get too long-winded on my first blog post since JULY *hangs head*.  While every woman isn’t like that, I’m most definitely taken aback by the amount of selfish women there are out there (meanwhile dudes get the brunt of the blame).  Yall so lucky yall got vaginas!  Otherwise, we’d be like FTS!  Instead, we men put up with yall shit so we can FTS! (Think about it).