Tuesday, September 7, 2010


“WHY DO MEN CHEAT?”  This has been a question posed by women since waaaay before I was born.  This has been a question that many men have avoided as much as possible.  This has been a question that many men don’t have the answer to.  This has been a question that many men have given answers to.  This has been a question that whether men have avoided it, not known the answer to it, or actually answered it, results in the same general reaction from women:  They’re just as dissatisfied as they were before they asked, and they continue to ask this question.  Well ladies, I’m going to attempt to satisfy your craving for the answers to your question, but like most other men, I probably won’t please all of you (all pun intended).
So let’s start off by getting the obvious, shallow reasons out of the way.  Some men are just plain greedy.  They want to jump as many bones as they can whether they’re in a relationship or not.  They’ll even try to justify their greed by expressing a sense of entitlement.  I remember back in my undergrad days, a guy I know once said, “Why would God have given me a lifetime of sperm if he didn’t want me to spread my seed?”  Now I’m not saying what he said didn’t have some legitimate sense to it, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think that statement was inspired by greed.
Some men cheat because that’s how they were raised (albeit intentionally or not).  They may come up as children watching their father run around with different women.  I personally know (and know of) men whose fathers would take them along when they would go to be with their various women.  They’ll tell you, that was the life they knew then, so that’s the life they live now.
Now here’s a shell shocker for some of you women out there.  As much as you may complain about weak sex from men, please understand that wack pussy does exist!  Yeah I said it!  Bad sex can definitely turn a man to seek sex elsewhere.  What constitutes crappy cooch?  Well that’s a matter of opinion.  Some of you like to be lazy during sex.  Some of you like to be plain during sex.  Some of you just don’t know what you’re doing and don’t try to learn.
…But to the women who are giving up the weak buns…AT LEAST YOU’RE GIVING IT UP!  Which leads me to another reason men cheat; a total lack of sex.  In case you haven’t figured it out by now, the average guy likes sex.  Scratch that.  THE AVERAGE GUY LOVES SEX!  If you deprive that man of that which he’s come to love, why wouldn’t he seek it elsewhere?  Now I’m not saying that sex is everything, but it’s a major thing!
We’ve all probably heard the term “Nobody wants you until you’re taken”.  The very truth in this statement can attribute to a man going astray.  At this point some of you ladies might be saying “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE”, but just hear me out.  Women are used to men pursuing them; it’s in our very nature to skirt-chase.  So when a woman is spoken for, and a man tries to get at them, it’s generally believed that she can turn him down with no sweat (I stress GENERALLY believed).  However, when women decide they want a taken man, he might be in a bit more of a pickle.  As I said earlier, a man is used to hunting, not being the prey.  So when a woman goes after him, he may not be readily prepared ward her off.  If she’s aggressive enough, the flesh can get weak, and before you know it he’s all shacked up.  Now you ladies may still be saying “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE”, but I know you feel me at least a little bit (jus don’t feel me too much, after all I am a man).
You know how women are always saying how guys can be so immature, or act like children?  Well if you’ve ever made such a claim then you should also understand that we need almost as much attention as a child.  Just think about it:  We want you to feed us, clean up around us, care for us when we’re sick, and generally pay attention to us (except during the game).  If a child is not getting adequate attention from their mother, then they may very likely turn to their father.  If a man is not getting adequate attention from his woman, he may very well set his sights on another woman.
Now I know plenty of you wish to make the statement “Well if it’s that bad that he must cheat then why doesn’t he just leave”.  I plan to answer that in my next blog entry.  In the mean time, what I suggest you do is take what I’ve given you, and use it to lay down the blueprint on how to reduce the odds of a man going astray.  Outside of the greedy man, the purpose of the examples I gave is to show you ladies that it’s going to take work, probably hard work to keep a man faithful.  Don’t let this get you down though.  After all, aren’t the best things in life hardest fought for?

The Image above is from the movie "Hav Plenty"