Wednesday, July 11, 2012


In my many hours of TV watching and living life, I've noticed that people have been giving celebrity men passes on on doing/wearing gay sh*t just because their rich! To that I say..."EFF THAT". 
I'm sure you've heard them! 

"O Kanye can carry any bag he wants cuz he's rich!"

"Lebron could do what he wants cuz he gettin' that league bread!"

"D Wade just livin' that Miami life!"

"Weezy can wear women's boots and kiss men in the mouth cuz he gettin' money and bi***es"

Again to all that I say...EFF THAT!  If you would call ya maanz gay for doing ANY (and I do mean ANY) of the above, then you damn sure better give these celebrities the same damn "credit" AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!

Some of you probably upset by this post.  "NOW ALL YALL HOES CRYIN'..." (SCROLL DOWN)

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  1. Hehehe! Rich people can wear anything....wouldn't suggest it. :)